Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment

There’s a saying that a person is only as good as their tools, and this is true, especially within a catering environment. There are many regulations that those in the industry have to conform with, so it makes sense to have the right kind of equipment to hand at all times.

However, for all the benefits that the many gadgets of today bring, you would still be hard-pressed to find anything as robust as stainless steel. As such, it’s not unusual for a number of eateries to ensure that they only have work stations and catering areas constructed from stainless steel.

Why Is Stainless Steel So Popular?

Even though many of us have no doubt seen a kitchen complete with stainless steel cladding and workstations in the past, we may not always have been sure as to why. Regardless of whether you work in a kitchen, or a catering area, chances are you’re going to be rushing around prepping orders, which means the items you use are really put through their paces.

Having stainless steel kitchen equipment has the following benefits:

Stainless Steel Is Durable

One of the main reasons that stainless steel is so popular is due to its durability. No amount of hacking or chopping is any threat to stainless steel, which is why so any establishments insist on only having stainless steel workstations present in their kitchen.

Can Be Applied Anywhere

Whether you want to convert a current kitchen using stainless steel cladding or have a completely bespoke stainless steel fabrication solution installed, SpeedFab offers a slew of options when it comes to your catering requirements.

Easy to Clean

Anyone that has worked within the catering industry will be able to testify as to how messy the kitchen can get during a service, and the tidying up of such mess is hardly an inviting task. However, opting for a bespoke stainless steel fabrication installation allows for a much easier cleaning regime. Even the toughest of cleans can be withstood due to the robust nature of stainless steel.


Even though the kitchen area is normally in the background, that doesn’t mean that it’s appearance can’t be at its best. We all know how hostile a kitchen area can be, and with so much going on, the wrong kind of equipment can soon become discoloured and unsightly, this isn’t the case with stainless steel, as it will always look its best, regardless of how cumbersome a service was. What’s more, as it’s easy to clean, there’s no reason your kitchen can’t be left looking as good as new with a little elbow grease.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to having a stainless steel solution in place. If you’re currently considering a bespoke stainless steel fabrication or just want to convert your current premises using stainless steel cladding, then contact Speedfab today to discuss your requirements further.

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